What is an IQ test and what impact does the intelligence quotient score have on our life

Each person has a certain set level of mental abilities that can be measures with tests designed to assess human intelligence and expressed as a score derived from these tests, an intelligence quotient (IQ).

Should we try to define intelligence tests, we could say that they are tests aimed at assessing human intelligence. IQ tests fall in the psychology tests category, they assess various aspects of our mental behaviour. They try to cover as many tasks and problems as possible. That allows them to assess the general level intelligence and mitigates any variances resulting from special abilities or talents. Because of this they are usually a combination of numerical and pictorial tasks.

IQ Calculation

To obtain the IQ score, the result of the tested individual is divided by the average results and then multiplied by 100. If the average IQ score is 100 and the result is higher than 100, the subject's IQ is above average, if the score is lower, the subject's IQ is below average.

From that we can see that the more precise the average value, the more exact the subject's score. Generally, there is a direct link between number of tested subjects and accuracy of the scores. Our online IQ tests have a great advantage because they work with huge samples of subjects. Thanks to that they are very accurate.

IQ and Success

Studies have shown that a high IQ has a positive impact on an individual's success in life. However, this does not hold universally and there are certain exceptions. For example, individuals with below average IQs are not good at studying and they often do not complete their studies, on the other hand they can excel in other areas that do not require that much thinking (e.g. in sports). People with lower IQs usually work manually and it is likely that they will never become scientists or senior managers. Despite this they can achieve what we loosely term "happiness". On the other hand, professionally successful people with a high IQ are not guaranteed to reach this state. It is much easier for them to fall from a successful position than for a less able individual to work his/her way up.

Definition of Intelligence by Subject Experts

"Intelligence is an individual's general ability to consciously direct own thinking to new requirements. It is a general mental ability to adapt to new tasks and conditions.“

William Stern

"Intelligence is the ability to process information. Information has be be understood as all impressions perceived by a person .“


"Intelligence is an individual's internally diverse and global ability to consciously act, think and effectively adapt to the environment.“

David Wechsler

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