How to Increase Your IQ (Part 1)

This article show some simple methods that could help to increase one's IQ. These instructions are for everyone as they relate to changing one's mind with valid physiological processes.

Sufficient supplies for your brain

The main factor in increasing one's IQ is the brain having sufficient oxygen and nutrients. Any 15-20 minutes aerobic exercise increases the ability to think and remember.


How to Give Your Brain Oxygen, Anywhere and Any Time

While inspiring count to eight, hold you breath, count to twelve, then slowly expire and count to ten. If you start to get dizzy, stop the exercise and consult your doctor.

This regular exercise can increase your IQ and support your thinking. If you have a sedentary job, we recommend sitting at your desk with a straight back. A hunched back decreases the blood supply to brain.

If you have to do a lot of thinking while working, stand up regularly. That will help your thinking.

It has been scientifically proven that a person learns and thinks better when standing up, rather than lying down. The scientists found that in a study of one hundred adults of various ages. They used computers to complete exercises initially 15 minutes standing up and then sitting down. The standing participants were 5 to 30 percent better.

Some people use this regular exercise to increase their I! and improve their thinking. If you have a sedentary job, we recommended sitting at your desk with a straight back. A hunched back decreases a blood supply to the brain.

If you have to think a lot while working, stand up at regular intervals, it will help your thinking

It has been scientifically proven that a standing position is much better for the ability to learn and think than a lying one. The scientists discovered this in a study of 100 adults of various ages who completed computer exercises for 15 minutes, initially standing up and then sitting down. The standing participants were 5 - 30% better.

7 Ways to Improve Thinking

  • Simple and practical exercise for thinking
  • Improved diet through inclusion of natural foods
  • Enriching food with quality supplements
  • Cleaning mind and body from harmful external chemicals (smoking, frequent use of alcohol, etc.)
  • Decreasing stress
  • Use of natural and safe hormones that stimulate brain activity
  • Physical exercise

How to increase IQ with correct nutrition

When you improve nutrition, your IQ and ability to solve problems will also improve. Experts on nutrition recommend restricting to minimum lower quality foods and eating wholegrain bakery products, seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables containing enzymes. A good quality breakfast is vital. It has to contain proteins that supply mental and physical energy for the whole morning. Berkeley University carried out a study on a female student. While she complied with healthy nutrition for several months, her IQ increased by 10 percent.

In addition to healthy foods, experts also recommend nutritional supplements stimulating the brain. The most effective ones include ginkgo biloba increasing the blood circulation, especially in the brain.

Watch out for stress, it damages brain cells

Salkov Institute study in Californian La Jolle shows that stress significantly damages brain function, because during stress glucose (a key source of energy for the brain) supplies other vital organs and muscles. Insufficient amount of glucose damages cells in the hippocampus which is the part of the brain responsible for memory and mood.

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