What IQ Did These Famous People Have?

Do you think that anyone exceptionally successful in his/her subject had an above average IQ? We prepared a list of IQ scores of famous personalities from various subjects and eras. Look at their IQ, you may be surprised.

Name Occupation Nationality IQ
Albert Einstein Physicist USA 160
Brad Pitt Hollywood actor USA 126
Abraham Lincoln Politician United States 148
Andy Warhol Artist USA 86
Jodie Foster Actress USA 132
Madonna Singer USA 140
Arnold Schwarzenegger Actor / Politician Austria 135
Benjamin Franklin Writer, scientist, politician USA 160
Benjamin Netanyahu Prime minister Israel 180
Bill Gates Microsoft founder USA 160
Bill (William) Jefferson Clinton President USA 137
Blaise Pascal Mathematician, religious philosopher France 195
Garry Kasparov Chess player Russia 190
George W. Bush President USA 125
George Washington President USA 118
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Politician USA 140
Isaac Newton Scientist England 190
John F. Kennedy Former president USA 117
Nicole Kidman Actress USA 132
Jodie Foster Actress USA 132
Sharon Stone Actress, producer USA 154
Shakira Singer Columbia 140
Stephen Hawking Physicist, mathematician Great Britain 160
Quentin Tarantino Scriptwriter, director and actor USA 160
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composer Austria 165
Adolf Hitler Nazi leader Germany 141
Albrecht von Haller Scientist Switzerland 190
Alexander Pope Writer Great Britain 180
Andrew Wiles Mathematician Great Britain 170
Bobby Fischer Chess player USA 187
Buonarrotti Michelangelo Artist Italy 180
Clive Sinclair Inventor Great Britain 159
Emanuel Swedenborg Scientist Sweden 205
Francis Galton Scientist Great Britain 200
Galileo Galilei Physician Italy 185
Hans Ch. Andersen Writer Denmark 145
Hugo Grotiu Philosopher Netherlands 200
Charles Darwin Scientist Great Britain 165
Charles Dickens Writer Great Britain 180
James Watt Scientist Great Britain 165
James Woods Actor USA 180
Johann Sebastian Bach Composer Germany 165
Johann Strauss Composer Austria 170
J.Wolfgang von Goethe Writer Germany 210
Johannes Kepler Physicist Germany 175
John Stuart Mill Economist France 200
Kim Ung Yong Mathematician Korea 210
Leonardo da Vinci Scientist Italy 220
Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor France 145
Neil Armstrong Astronaut USA 139
Ludwig van Beethoven Composer Germany 190
Max Planck Scientist Germany 160
Miguel de Cervantes Writer Spain 155
Muhammad Ali Boxer USA 72
Nicolas Copernicus Astronomer Poland 160
Philip Emeagwali Mathematician Nigeria 190
Plato Philosopher Greece 170
Rembrandt Artist Netherlands 155
René Descartes Mathematician France 185
Richard Nixon Us president USA 143
Richard Wagner Composer Germany 170
Robert Byrne Chess player USA 170
Stephen Hawking Physicist Great Britain 160
Voltaire Writer France 190

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